Presto Soft Tissue Retractor

For Facelift Procedures - Minimal Trauma & Scarring

Preservation of the retaining ligaments and the SMAS techniques ligaments and the SMAS tethering ligaments and the SMAS tethering ligaments and the SMAS tethering

During the last 100 years, development of facelift techniques proceeded from the purely cutaneous technique through the SMAS technique (SMAS = Superficial Muscular Aponeurosis System) to the subperiosteal technique. The SMAS serves as the support structure within the facial soft tissue. The fixation of the anterior facial oval, i.e. the mobile structure of the face, is held via the SMAS and can be fixated to the non-mobile, lateral facial fascia.

The initial efforts to dissect the SMAS to varying extents with opening of the retaining ligaments, also in the sense of a super-extended facelift, resulted in maximum force transfer at the dissected ends of the SMAS. Overextension at the basal structure and thus a dynamic sign of the operated face was almost inevitable and presented a great challenge for surgeons and patients alike.

The retaining elements, i.e. the combination of retaining ligaments and interlayer septae, must be preserved in order to achieve a dynamic force transmission via the SMAS. Thus, segmental force distribution is ensured, and overextension as well as a dynamic sign of the operated face is avoided.

Furthermore, the retaining elements guarantee the preservation of the personal identity which defines our facial appearance. The identity is protected by the preservation of the retaining element, thus counteracting alienation of the personality.

The PRESTO technique is a technique that meets with patients' expectations which, according to scientific research, include natural, youthful, fresh and attractiveness. The PRESTO technique is a fast, secure and identity-preserving technique that ensures outstanding, long-lasting results.

Advantages of the Presto Funk soft tissue retractor:

  • Atraumatic, blunt dissection of the tissue
  • Very fast mobilisation of large areas with little spreading forces
  • Injury of nerves, tendons and ligaments is virtually excluded 
  • Identity-preserving and provides long-lasting results

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