Quiver removable base - 350mm

Quiver removable base - 350mm

Marberger hilar retractor malleable 15mm, 20cm

Marberger hilar retractor malleable 15mm, 20cm

CJD instrument kit

CJD Basic instrument set, includes the following instruments:

- Hudson brace

- McKenzie enlarging burr 16mm

- Foerster sponge forceps

- Metzenbaum scissors 18cm curved

- Mayo scissors 17cm straight

- 4 x Halstead Mosquito forceps 13cm

- Jansen bayonet forceps 18cm

- Bipolar bayonet forceps 18cm

- Frazier suction cannula 10 FG

- Frazier suction cannula 12 FG

- Freer elevator

- Gigli wire saw 30.5cm

- Gigli wire saw handles (set of 2)

Basic set of instruments that allows surgeons to operate on patient’s with suspected or diagnosed CJD infection. Australian health departments recommend the use of single use instruments when operating on a CJD patient

CJD kit is supplied unsterile, the hospital must sterilise these before use on patient

UOP: Set/ 17

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CJD Basic instrument set