Medicon Surgical Needleholders

Medicon Surgical Needleholders are high quality and available in a range to suit your operating needs. Needleholders can be used for various surgical procedures.

Needle holders are used by all surgical specialties in operating theatres, day surgeries, medical centres and private clinics. They are used by surgical personnel, usually doctors or surgeons, to hold and control the suture needle when closing wounds. It is important that a needle holder have strong jaws to secure the needle. The larger the needle, the wider the jaws of the needle holder needs to be. If suturing a delicate wound, then a delicate needle holder should be used.

Needle holders are manufactured in stainless steel and can have serrated inserts (sometimes in Tungsten Carbide) to provide a more secure hold of the needle. Smooth jaws are used more often with smaller, delicate needles.

Some needle holders have a ratchet to allow the surgeon to secure the needle holder in a position without having to place constant pressure. The needle holders can have ring handles, round handles, short & long ring handles or micro handles. The Medicon needle holder range comes in Standard, Tungsten Carbide, Micro, Titanium and are available in different sizes. The most popular needle holders are the Crile wood needle holder, Baumgartner needle holder, Castroviejo needle holder, Gillies needle holder, Halsey needle holder and Mathieu needle holder as well as the Micro 2000 needle holder range.

Medicon Needleholders with Tungsten Carbide inserts have the following options:

Regular (N): 0.5mm for use with sutures up to size 4-0
Fine (F): 0.4mm for delicate needles and suture sizes 5-0 and 6-0
Extra Fine (EF): 0.3mm for use with micro needles and sutures up to size 10-0

Smooth: For delicate needles and suture sizes 7-0 and 10-0

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