Hanna Tongue Spatula

Ideal for Ear, Nose & Throat Procedures

The Hanna tongue spatula is a self-holding tongue spatula for use with the Denhart-Hoefert mouth gag (72.05.63) for oral interventions. The tongue spatula has detents which engage with the locking screw of the mouth gag. The Denhart-Hoefert mouth gag offers a sturdier grip than other mouth gags due to its moveable and adaptable supports, and therefore provides a firm basis for this anchored tongue spatula.


  • The flexible design of the Hanna tongue spatula enables it to be individually adapted to the anatomical conditions in the oral cavity
  • The narrowing in the middle section of the spatula allows a twisting motion of the spatula, facilitating adaptation in all three dimensions
  • The support of an assistant to hold down the tongue is unnecessary when the Hanna tongue spatula is used
Hanna tongue spatulaHanna Tongue Spatula in situ