Coriotome - Skin Grafts

Coriotome - Skin Graft Instrument

The coriotome is a surgical device for the preparation of full thickness skin grafts. The grafting of full thickness skin (epidermis and corium) is an important surgical procedure. Subcutaneous fat must be carefully eliminated from full thickness skin grafts after removal so as not to jeopardise the nutrient supply to the recipient bed.


  • Rapid preparation
  • Even, depth-defined removal
  • Less risk of perforation to the excised skin
  • Less risk of graft contamination
  • Less risk of operator injury
Kasten coriotome Code: 67.14.15

The conventional method of preparation includes the graft positioned with the underside facing upwards such as over an index finger or fixed to a base and thinned out with a pair of scissors or a scalpel. This can be extremely time-consuming and frequently results in unevenness.

Using the Coriotome, subcutaneous fat and variable sections of the corium can be tangentially removed quickly and efficiently. From the special distancing supports, the remaining graft thickness can simply be selected at the angle with which the Coriotome is guided over the excised graft.

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