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This Surgical Instrument website allows you to buy high quality, made in Germany, Medicon surgical instruments from an Australian supplier. You can feel at ease when making a purchase from our extensive range for the healthcare, medical and surgical industry. We also have a specialised team who can assist you with your purchase. Please browse through the 10,000 surgical instruments listed in this catalogue or contact us on 1800 138 138 if you have any queries. We can provide you with a hard copy catalogue if you prefer to view our range this way.

National Surgical Corporation

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This Surgical Instruments website is supported by National Surgical Corporation, a proudly founded and owned Australian company. National Surgical Corporation (NSC) is an import manufacturer in the healthcare industry, distributing surgical instruments, consumables, equipment and shelving all major hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout Australia. Our extensive product range can be used by all specialist disciplines and departments within a hospital, day surgery or specialist centre.

National Surgical Corporation product range includes:

  • Electrosurgical Range: pencils, plates and smoke evacuation pencils.
  • Wound Drainage Systems: Privac wound drains, Surgiblake silicone channel drains .
  • PEI Laparoscopic Instruments.
  • Medicon & BOB Surgical Instruments.
  • Cleaning, Protection and Sterilisation Products: Sharn.
  • Patient Comfort and Chilling Products: Medichill.
  • Shelving and Storage Solutions.
  • Hospital Room Design & Fitouts, Hospital Redevelopments.

To find out more about National Surgical Corporation, please visit our website www.nationalsurgical.com.au

Surgical Instruments for Hospital redevelopments and upgrades

NSC can provide advice and expertise to all levels of hospital personnel during hospital redevelopments and upgrades. We can be involved in any tray selection and provide suggestions for various trays for any type of specialty. Our understanding and knowledge of the healthcare industry, backed by the support of Medicon, allows us to provide tailored advice to suit your operating and procedural requirements. NSC has been involved in tendering and supplying hospitals with various instruments and supplying these on time, before the hospital is up and running.

Medicon - Surgical Instrument Manufacturer

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Medicon has been designing and manufacturing surgical instruments since 1941 and is now a co-operative comprising 16 member companies of which each specialises in a product range. The Surgical Instruments Online Australia website offers over 10,000 surgical instruments from the Medicon surgical instrument catalogue and supplies this through National Surgical Corporation.

All Medicon surgical instruments are ‘Made in Germany’ - according to strict standards to ensure the instruments produced are high quality and durable for long lasting use by surgeons. All Medicon instruments have a 10 year replacement warranty on materials and workmanship.

Medicon surgical instruments:

  • Have both the mechanical and product engineering experience to develop modern instruments to meet surgeon’s needs
  • High, permanent quality & consistent designs
  • Produced in Medicon facilities in Germany
  • Focused on customer-oriented solutions

There is a range of Medicon catalogues available which includes the instruments listed on this website, if you would like to obtain one of these catalogues, please contact us and we can arrange for one to be sent to you.

See the Medicon website for more information: www.medicon.de