Towel Clamps and Tube Clamps

Surgical Instruments Online Australia have an extensive range of towel clamps and tube/tubing clamps for use in the operating theatre, hospital ward, day surgery, private rooms, medical centre, any healthcare facility.

Towel clamps and tube clamps are multi-purpose and can be used to secure towels, drapes, suction lines, cables as well as hold or clamp bone and tissue in a patient

Towel and tubing clamps feature sharp tips, usually rounded, curved in to provide a strong, secure hold. They are used in most procedures. They usually feature a ratchet to provide a strong clamp on to the item being held.

The Medicon towel clamps and tubing clamps range includes Backhaus towel clamp, Edna Lorna towel clamp, Presbyterian tubing clamp, Lane towel clamp. Made in Germany

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