BOB Economic Range Surgical Instruments

Surgical Instruments Online has a range of BOB economic surgical instruments. The BOB surgical instruments listed below includes only those in stock - there is an extensive range of BOB instruments available. For a detailed list of our range, please request a BOB catalogue or contact us

The BOB (best of basic) surgical instrument range is the economic range of instruments designed and manufactured by Medicon. The BOB surgical instrument range incorporates a selection of standard instruments for general surgery, orthopaedic surgery, gynaecology and obstetrics and ear, nose and throat surgery

The BOB economic surgical instrument range still obtains the design and high quality standards required by Medicon manufacturing processes but are manufactured abroad using German raw materials. These instruments are inspected in Germany to ensure it meets Medicon's high quality standards before being dispatched worldwide. BOB surgical instruments are an ideal substitute for budget conscious customers for use in the operating theatre, medical clinic, day surgery or ward

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